Marin Access FAQ

Q: I see the Marin Access logo on small buses all over town, how can I ride those buses?

A: The small buses you see are part of one of the programs in the Marin Access family of services, Marin Access Paratransit. To qualify to ride you must have a disability that prevents you from riding the public bus. For more information or to see if you qualify please contact the Travel Navigators at 415.454.0902

Q: How does Marin Access differ from the Whistlestop service?

A: Whistlestop is the operator for both the Paratransit services and the Mobility Management center. Though the vehicles have been rebranded to bring them under the umbrella of the Marin Access family of services, the same drivers and staff you have come to love with Whistlestop are still working hard to serve our clients. New look, same great service.

Q: I have a friend who does not use a computer, how can (he/she) reach Marin Access?

A: Marin Access can be reached by at 415.454.0902 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 5 pm to help with all your transit needs.

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