Marin Transit Releases Recommendations of New Senior Mobility Study

The Marin Transit Board of Directors recently approved the Marin Access Strategic Analysis and Recommendations at its August meeting. The study presents a comprehensive analysis of Marin Transit’s senior mobility programs, Marin Access, and recommends future improvements. The study’s findings address issues of limited resources and increasing needs, and will inform decisions on how Marin Transit might expand programs and introduce new offerings for a rapidly growing senior population.

Marin Transit staff collected and analyzed data on Marin Access riders, the performance of programs in the prior fiscal year (FY2014/15), and unique conditions in the county including travel demand, land use, and demographics. This analysis culminated in ten recommendations that identify next steps to improve transportation for seniors and people with disabilities in Marin County and will guide Marin Access programs over the next two to five years.

The study recommendations emphasize the need to provide a more seamless experience for current program users and to provide new travel options that leverage advances in technology and increased rates of internet and smart phone use. Marin County is aging 1.5 times faster than the rest of the state of California, and over 40 percent of Marin County residents will be over 65 by 2025. These demographic shifts call for new and innovative mobility solutions beyond the traditional paratransit program, volunteer driver, and subsidized taxi services Marin Access currently offers. The study’s findings and recommendations underscore the importance of developing programs that focus on serving both active, healthy seniors and those with a higher level of transportation needs.

“There are many exciting opportunities as we look to provide an innovative family of services to Marin’s older adults and people with disabilities,” said General Manager Nancy Whelan. “We are very grateful for the input and support of our partner agencies and stakeholders throughout the study, and look forward to working with the public on an implementation plan to advance the study’s recommendations.”

Stay tuned to this website for more information on Marin Access and opportunities to participate in the upcoming planning process.

Read the full report here: Marin Access Strategic Analysis and Recommendations 2016.

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